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Combination Packages

Tier 1: A vehicle in fairly good conition

Tier 2: A vehicle that needs a spot shampooing on floors and seats and would need about a moderate amount of cleaning products.

Tier 3: A vehicle that needs a full shampoo on all floors and seats that needs a heavy amount of cleaning product.

Pick up and delivery services available. Call to see about pricing

*Price may vary upon condition, Visual  inspection  prior  to Service’s*

Ultimate Plus Detail Package - Starts at $1,019 (2-3 days)

  • Complete Interior package services
  • *Leather treatment
  • Thorough hand wash removing bugs, brake dust and tar and chamois dry
  • *PAINT RESTORE Machine buff with rubbing compound, polish, then wax *WITH POLYGARD*
  • *THOROUGH Exterior finals ( jambs, glass, chrome, tires, plastics)

Premium Deluxe Detail Package - Tier 1: $399, Tier 2: $419, Tier 3: $469 (1 day)

  • Complete Interior package services
  • Thorough hand wash removing bugs, brake dust and tar and chamois dry
  • Apply wax and machine buff finish
  • Clean and dress exterior trim
  • Clean all exterior glass
  • Clean and dress tires and wheels

Standard Basic Detail Package - Tier 1: $299, Tier 2: $319; Tier 3: $369 (1 day)

  • Complete Interior package services
  • Hand Wash with spot free wax
  • Chamois dry
  • Touch up glass after drying
  • clean and dress tires and wheels
  • Wipe door jambs

Add on

* Leather $30.00

*Rain-x $20.00

*Ozone $50.00

*Fabric protection $30.00

Interior Packages

Complete Interior -- Tier 1: $219, Tier 2: $239, Tier 3: $319 (1 day)

*Full leather treatment/Fabric treatment available*

  • Complete interior vacuum
  • Shampoo seats & carpet
  • Stain removal
  • Clean  dash, trim and all areas of interior
  • Clean interior glass
  • Wipe door jambs
  • Gentle headliner cleaning
  • Power wash/shampoo floor mats
  • Deodorize

Add on

* Leather $30.00    

*Fabric protection $30.00

*Ozone $50.00

Exterior Packages

Wash and Wax - Starts at $210 (1day)  *Price can vary with condition of exterior

  • Thorough hand wash and clay bar removing bugs, brake dust and other contaminates and pollution’s
  • Apply wax and machine buff finish
  • Clean and dress exterior trim
  • Wipe door jamb
  • Clean Exterior glass
  • Clean and dress tires and wheels

Add on

*polygard paint sealant $50.00    

*Rain-x $20.00

* Headlight Buff $30.00 

*Engine compartment $50.00 

Paint Restore - Starts at $810 (3 days)  *Price varies with condition of exterior

  • Thorough hand wash removing bugs, brake dust and tar and chamois dry
  • Clean and dress tires and wheels
  • Clean and dress exterior trim
  • Machine buff with rubbing compound, polish, then wax  (polygard)
  • Additional $50-100 to Wet sand light scratches

Add on

* Leather $30.00    

*Fabric protection $30.00

*Ozone $50.00

Ceramic Coating - Starting at $1200-$2000 (3 day)

  • Must have Paint Restore prior to application

Synergy Ceramic Coating represents a revolutionary advance in paint protection. Synergy is a semi-permanent, super hydrophobic nano ceramic coating specifically designed for painted finishes. This high tech coating creates an extremely hard, slick, clear barrier of protection on painted finishes. Synergy chemically bonds with the factory paint by penetrating the vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection.

One application of Synergy Ceramic Paint Coating will provide long-term protection for up to 2 years. Increasing the contact angle of the surface and water, this super hydrophobic surface increases water repellency, causing water to bead and easily sheet off the surface. Synergy is designed to repel airborne contaminants (pollution), rain, sleet, snow, salt spray, dirt and dust to maintain a clean a clear, glossy, reflective shine and keep painted finish cleaner in between regular washes.

Apply Synergy for extreme high gloss and color management. Synergy blankets the painted surface in a glossy shell that intensifies all colors. Synergy enhances the natural gloss to create intensive shine and heighten a beautiful, radiant finish that will make any color shimmer. Another key benefit is that it delivers amazing depth with brilliant reflection and pristine optical clarity.

Synergy is designed to protect any paint finish under the most extreme conditions. Synergy greatly reduces the penetration of extreme heat, helping protect the finish from fading, weathering and discoloration. The innovative coating contains intensive UV-inhibitors that provide a protective barrier blocking UV rays to help prevent unsightly paint damage.

Synergy has the ability to withstand harsh winter environments where road salt and harsh de-icing solutions used are very destructive to paint protection. Synergy insulates the surface to prevent salt spray staining and water spotting during intense cold and wet weather conditions.

Synergy’s thin film coating has the highest possible wear resistant properties. This remarkable paint protection coating exhibits strong defense against organic (bird droppings, acid rain) and inorganic (car wash cleaning chemicals/solvents, paint overspray, exhaust, road film) materials through its tough chemical resistance.

One of the biggest advantages to using Synergy is its self-cleaning effect. Synergy forms a hydrophobic barrier that creates a low surface energy preventing contaminants from adhering to the surface. Water easily removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it while sheeting off the surface. Ice, frost, road salt, mud, bird droppings and insects will wash away with a simple rinse. Also, Synergy contains durable anti-static properties that reduce friction to prevent dirt and dust accumulation

Al La Carte

  • Headlights $70
  • Engine $100
  • Ozone $ 120

Badly soiled vehicles may be charged an additional $50- $80:

(Interiors: excessive pet hair, sand, extra shampooing,etc. Exteriors: excessive sap, road grime, road paint, etc.)

We may charge a fee for an excessive amount of floor mats

*To protect your personal property, and assure customer satisfaction, we ask that you remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before we begin detailing. If there are items left in the vehicle we are not responsible for their condition. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

POLY GARD™ PAINT SEALANT Product Description: This high quality paint sealant produces a long lasting, high gloss shine on all types of automotive paint finishes. Mild cleaner removes light scratches, oxidation and contaminants, while glossing agents restore shine and clarity. Two penetrating, amino-functional polymer resins cure to form a continuous, durable film that will out last any wax product.

Poly Gard™ resists UV rays, salt air, snow, rain, insects, road film, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely. Poly Gard™ Paint Sealant reduces friction buildup so contaminants will not adhere to the surface. Poly Gard™ offers up to 6 months of lasting beauty and protection. Apply by hand or machine. contains no wax.

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